Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best Painting Ideas for Kids

Do you by any chance have any children in your household? If so, you may have noticed that painting is often one of your children’s most favorite activities to do during their leisure time. Which child does not like painting, anyway? Speaking of painting activity for children, there are in fact quite a few great ideas you can try. These painting ideas for kids will most likely cheer your kids up, allowing them to spend their leisure time pleasantly and even forget about the amount of time they have spent painting.

When it comes to painting for children, it is often the case that you will need these materials, which are, finger paint, tempera paint, acrylic paint and sometimes, homemade art materials. When you have had all the materials ready, it is time you let your children start painting. For a starter, your children may want to do some finger painting activities. Believe it or not, this is always a fun activity for children, even though some people may think of it as a dirty activity to carry out. Well, they may be right and yet, it is still fun all the same. With finger painting, children are supposed to soak their fingers into wet paints. Then, when their fingers are covered with the paint, they can start painting whatever they like to paint. One thing about finger painting is that it stimulates your children’s sensory art, which is very important for growing children.

The next idea that you can also try is to let your children take part in a body painting activity with their art group. In this case, your children will often need washable tempera paint. Fortunately, there are plenty of tempera paints out there that are non-toxic and should thus be safe for children to play around with. In this activity, children are normally supposed to take off their clothes and then put the paint on their body. It can be anywhere on their body. Of course, it is best to keep their clothes away, otherwise you may have a hard time trying to wash the paint off your children’s clothes.

Puffy painting is a great painting idea as well for your kids. Most of the time, however, besides the tempera paint, this activity requires salt, water, flour and squeeze containers as well. When it comes to puffy painting, some children tend to squeeze the paint bottle in just one place without moving to the other area of the canvas. In this case, you may want to encourage your children to paint other areas of the canvas. If your children squeeze the paint on just a certain area of the canvas, the paint will end up too thick. As a result, it may need a longer time to dry out. What is interesting about puffy painting is that when the paint finally dries out, the salt in the paint will crystallize, making the painting glittery.

Last but not least, you can also encourage your children to engage in a marble painting activity. Most children do have marbles, after all, so why not use them to do something fun, right? In this activity, children can choose which marble to put into which paint color. Then, when they have had their marbles completely covered in paints, they can start rolling out those marbles on a piece of paper to create their painting. Remember, the paper should first be placed on something that can prevent the marbles from rolling off the paper. A plastic plate may be a good idea here.

Here's a really good video on finger painting I found. This one shows you how to paint a fish!

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