Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Walking Baby

It is something that you can’t avoid that your baby will start learning to walk at a certain age. However, when this happens, there are things you need to do besides just watching the baby walk. It is utterly important that you make sure your house is safe for your baby to learn to walk. But how can you do that? Well, here are some tips on how you can make your home as safe as possible for the baby to start learning to move the first steps of its life.

First of all, you need to know what a baby sees when it crawls. In order to do that, it is highly recommended that you try to crawl alongside your baby. You may want to note that there is nothing shameful about this. Instead, by crawling just like your baby does, you will be able to spot if there is any obstacle in the way and you can remove it immediately before your baby actually touches or hits the obstacle. Keep in mind that some obstacles can prove to be quite harmful for a baby. However, you may not want to remove some objects that are steady and have soft edges. These objects can often prove to help your baby to learn how to stand up all on its own. Nonetheless, make sure that the objects are not heavy. Things like closets and bookcases will injure your baby seriously if they fall onto them.

The next thing you may also want to do is to prop up your baby a little bit. For instance, you can roll a bath towel under your baby’s arms as well as its upper body parts, leaving only its elbows on contact with the floor. Realise it or not, this will help the baby have a clearer look of its surroundings because the baby will have a higher position.

Lowering the décor of your home is often a wise idea as well. By lowering the décor, you make it possible for your baby to notice the décor. This is especially true if the décor item is solid and bright in colors. Baby is attracted to such an item, you see. This will encourage your baby to crawl toward the item. In addition to lowering your home décor items, you can also put mirror in front of your baby. Believe it or not, most babies tend to be attracted to look at themselves in the mirror. Perhaps they wonder whom they are actually seeing that look like them. Who knows, right?

Even though you need to encourage your baby to crawl around the house, you should also set certain limits as to how far the baby can go. In this case, you may set up some staircase gates, if you have staircases, that is. Yet, what is even more important is that you make sure that each and every single one of the electrical outlets has been sealed properly so that your baby won’t be exposed to the risk of electricity hazard.