Saturday, December 13, 2014

Top 10 Lies That Parents Tell Their Children

Children, due to their young age, sometimes find it rather difficult to understand why they are not supposed to do certain things. In order to cope with that, it is often the case that parents have to find other ways to explain things to their children. One way that has become quite a popular option for generations is to tell children lie. Speaking of these lies, here are some of the top lies that parents usually tell their children.

Coffee Makes People Short

No one really knows where this particular lie comes from. In order to discourage their children from drinking coffee, parents often tell their children that coffee makes them short. However, of course, this is not necessarily true. Instead, according to researches, coffee can actually prevent type 2 diabetes and even some cancer diseases.

Chocolate Equals Acne

Eating too many chocolates is not good indeed. Hence, parents tell their children lie, saying that chocolates trigger acne. However, what really causes acne is the change of hormones in the body.

Sneezing with Open Eyes Will Cause Eyes to Fall Out

Needless to say, this is one very bizarre lie. Parents tell their children that when they sneeze, mucus is propelled at a speed of no less than 100 mph. Thus, if their eyes are open when they sneeze, they may very well fall out. However, the truth is, some people’s reflex is just not fast enough that they do not have the time to close their eyes when they sneeze and yet, these people retain their eyes.

Crossing Eyes Results in Crossed Eyes

Some children like to cross their eyes and parents do not like this. Therefore, they tell their children that if they keep on doing that, they will go cross-eyed. This is not true, though, because eyes have muscles which make sure that the eyes stay in their appropriate position.

You Will Catch Cold Going Out with Wet Hair

Though it may make sense at first, this is a definite lie. Catching cold has nothing to do with wetness. People catch cold when they are exposed to the cold virus instead.

Cramps Happen while Swimming after Eating

According to parents, when people eat, the blood is carried from the muscles all the way to the stomach. Hence, there is a higher odd that people will get cramps if they swim right after they eat and worse, they can get drowned. However, it is really not prohibited at all to exercise after eating.

When Swallowed, Chewing Gum Stays for 7 Years in the Belly

This is very questionable as it has very little to no evidence. The belly is not able to digest chewing gums, that is true. However, it will not stay in the belly. Instead, it will simply go away along with all other stuffs that the stomach cannot digest, either.

Arthritis Comes from Cracking Knuckles 

Parents often tell their children that the sound of cracking knuckles comes from gas bubbles popping up inside their joints. However, what really happens is that frequent knuckle cracking damages the ligament, reducing the strength of the hand’s grip.

TV Damages Eyesight

This is a very famous lie. While TV may actually degrade people’s eyesight, it does not usually do that to children, but more likely to adults instead. This is because children’s eyes have better focus and are more resistant to eye strain.

See in Darkness with Carrots

Carrot does do good to people’s eyesight. Nonetheless, it is not true that carrots give people the ability to see in the dark. This is just a lie that parents invent to encourage their children to eat carrots since most children do not really fancy eating this particular food.