Monday, December 15, 2014

Popular Children’s Books for Bed Time Reading

If you have pretty active children, there may be times when you find it rather hard to put your children to sleep. It does not matter even if it is already late in the night, active children tend to want to do more and more things before they can actually go to bed. If this sounds like your frequent or even daily problem, then you may want to consider reading your children a bed time story. Fortunately, there are dozens of books you can read for your children when the bed time comes and some of these books are even very popular as well.

To start it off, you may want to read your children the story of Cinderella. This is a very popular story from Walt Disney. It talks about an humble housemaid that turns into a beautiful princess in the end. So, in the story of Cinderella, there is this girl named Cinderella who works as a housemaid at the house that belongs to her stepmother. The house is also inhabited by two of her stepsisters. One day, the prince in the kingdom nearby plans to hold a grand party so that he will be able to choose one of the visiting women as her wife. To go to the party, a fairy helps turn Cinderella from a housemaid into a beautiful princess. However, what changes is only the dress that she wears as her beauty and kindness are all natural within her. So, during the night of the party, the prince happens to dance with Cinderella. Unfortunately, the princess has to come home before twelve at midnight as by that time, the fairy’s magic will start vanishing away. Rushing home, the princess accidentally leaves one of her glass shoes. That glass shoe she leaves are then used by the prince to find Cinderella from all the houses in the village nearby the kingdom. In the end, the prince and princess live happily ever after.

Besides Cinderella, there are still dozens of popular books for children’s bed time reading. One of these books is the book about sleeping beauty. In this book, the tale talks about a beautiful young girl who gets deceived by a wicked witch out of jealousy. The witch makes the young girl have a bite of a toxic apple. After that one single bite, the girl then falls asleep for until only God knows when. The only thing she may ever wake up again is if she finally finds her true love. In the end of the story, her true love actually exists and he kisses her and the beautiful young girl who was once known as the sleeping beauty has finally waken again.

Another good idea for a children’s bed time reading is the story of Frozen, which is a considerably new story, by the way. This story involves Queen Elsa and her sister, Princess Anna. During the queen’s coronation, Prince Anna accidentally makes her mad for asking permission to go out with a man whom she has barely known, who later turns out to be a wicked prince. Her sister claims that she is in love with the prince but Queen Elsa knows that it is not love. Out of her anger, the queen accidentally let go of her magic, the ice magic. She turns things into ice crystals. Even the path she leaves behind becomes crystallized, too. The queen then isolates herself, living outside the castle, in the midst of the cold, snowy mountain. Fortunately, things turn out well in the end and the queen finally learns how to control her magic.