Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Keep Your Table Clean from Children

Having a child is most certainly the dream of every single parent that lives in this world. Without any children, it is often the case that life will feel so empty for married couples. It feels like there is something missing in their life, even if the couples actually seem to have a happy marriage life. However, when the married couples out there finally have their very own child, there are things they need to pay attention to. One thing is their children’s table. Since children are normally very active, it is not a rare sight to see a children’s table getting dirty every so often. Unfortunately, what the children leave on their table can often leave stains that are very hard to remove without the right tablecloth. With that being said, it is of utmost importance that you, as a parent, figure out how to keep your table clean from children.

To get things started, you need to know what kind of wipe clean tablecloth you need. When it comes to the tablecloth, there are often quite a few options to choose from. Vinyl, for an example, is a great choice for the designs, colors and also the value it holds. However, for those who do not really fancy this particular material, they can always go for the oilcloth material as well. The latter is usually made of printed cotton and is coated with gloss PVC material. Yet, if that still does not sound like a suitable option, perhaps this next one will do. This one is made of acrylic, two layers mostly, and it is often finished with genuine Teflon material.

In addition to all of those options mentioned above, there are times when a wipeable tablecloth comes in handy. One of the main advantages with this tablecloth is that it is normally fairly easy to customize it depending on the type of occasions you are planning to organize for your children. A birthday party is a good example. Nevertheless, when it comes to such a tablecloth, there is one thing that is very important for you to keep in mind. Taking into account the fact that this particular type of tablecloth is normally available in different designs, sizes and shapes, a lot of people often end up making a purchase on the wrong one. Apart from that, wrinkles tend to appear as well if you handle the material inappropriately. Fortunately, you can usually get rid of the wrinkles quite easily by means of a hair dryer. Remember to use only low heat and do not dry it for more than mere five minutes.

Now that you have figured out which kind of children’s tablecloth, you can start paying attention to your children’s table. First of all, you need to see if there is any stain on it. If there is, you need to assess whether the stain is permanent, such as the ink of a permanent marker, or if the stain can actually be removed without too many problems. It is also a good idea to do some researches, either online or offline, regarding the stain before you even think about wiping it away. Keep in mind that by using the wrong material and technique, you will only make the stain spread even wider instead. Even worse, the stain may stick even more onto the table.

Now, after doing your research and finding out how to properly remove the stain on your children’s table, you may often need to use some sorts of chemical cleaner as well. As a matter of fact, there are often times when wipe clean tablecloth needs to be paired with such a cleaning product. However, while you are using a chemical cleaner, there is one thing you will have to keep in mind. You are strongly advised against using the chemical cleaner on your children’s furniture. This may damage the furniture and even worse, your children may well be exposed to the harmful effect of the chemicals.

Now, if the stain on your children’s table comes from food, wipeing the plastic tablecloth combined with mild detergent and warm water should do. Yet, if the stain comes from something rather strong, such as a permanent marker, you will need to use nail polish remover. Remember, though, that you need to use a remover that does not come with any acetones in it.

When you try to clean your children’s table using a children’s tablecloth, you need to keep in mind that you are recommended not to be timid. You need to be firm instead. Make sure that you wipe the stain until it washes away. It is true that you may have to try to wipe the stain a number of times. However, that is the only option you have if you want your children’s table to be clean once again so that your children will be able to use the table safely. After all, there is nothing more important than your children’s safety, is there?

When you have wiped away the stain on the table using the desired plastic tablecloth, you should know that your job is far from complete. After wiping the table, you also have to dry it off. However, before you actually try to dry off the table your children usually use, you may have to use water and mild soap. Just in case you wonder, the water and mild soap will be very useful to get rid of any traces left behind by the chemical cleaner you may have used, as mentioned earlier. Then, when you are done with this, you can start drying off the table for real. It is highly recommended that you not only wipe and dry the table your children use but also the chairs. Your children won’t be able to use the table without the chairs after all, will they?

As you can see, after all being said, keeping your table clean from children is not actually too difficult to accomplish. All you need is the right material and technique and you will be able to kiss the stains on your children’s table goodbye in nearly no time at all.

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